Not on drugs.


Hi guys,

the 4th blogger makes her debut; Aimii.

Today I went shopping with N. searching for summer clothes. We had quite a hard time looking for clothes as they were either too expensive or just out of size.

But despite all the struggle to walk across the whole city we still hit pay dirt in the end.

Here’s my haul :


top: H&M   sweater: urban outfitters    necklace: Forever21




As you can see, the first one is a white top. It’s very simple and that’s why i love it, especially the straps in the back. ( I look so incredibly brown in the last photo)


The second one is a sweater from UO’s summer sale. I immediately fell in love with the lace details. Although I wanted to stop buying black clothes, I just couldn’t help myself.


knuckle rings: H&M   nail polish: CHANEL   watch: RADO   lipstick: MAC

Besides, I bought these adorable knuckle rings as well as the red lipstick. It was my first time buying a MAC lipstick. I wanted a dark red color, and that one seemed just right. It’s a dark red with a brown touch (but only if you apply it on your lips).

10408100_10201756031774886_6739583997305045189_nMAC dubonnet

Last but not least, I’ll show you my new sunglasses which arrived today.


sunglasses: Amazon

They’re called clubmaster. I love the design and the lilac glasses.

Well that’s it from me for today! I hope you liked my haul.

Cheers guys!




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