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Hey guys,

here comes the second review on triangl swimwear. I’ve chosen the Indy – Holli Hyde because – look at it! Look at this pattern! A cow pattern. Simply G-E-N-I-U-S! Who would think of a cow when designing swimwear? Wear that’s supposed to look absolutely stunning on an body by emphasizing curves. Forget the slender leopard or the lean cheetah, the era of curvy yet sexy ruminants has come! Edit: People keep telling me it’s the cheetah pattern but in black-white. I refuse to believe it. A-a-and no, I’m not crying … ! (You destroyed my world, Celestes. ;_; ) Furthermore, it’s the thought that counts and … uhm … it just looks awesome, dammit.

Indy Holli Hyde

Being the one to order the triangl swimwear, the data’s ofc the same as in Aiimi’s aforementioned post about her triangl bikini. Quick summary though:

Shipment and delivery: 4 days (order on Friday)

The Indy – Holli Hyde  came with a cool bag of the same pattern. As for the size, I got S cup and S bottom. I was quite uncertain concerning the size, so make sure to make full use of the Live Chat in the lower right corner on the website. The swimwear cost 79 USD + 20 USD shipping costs, so around 73€.

Indy Holli Hyde


To conclude, I really like the bikini, the bag and the service. Actually, there’s  nothing to criticize. Despite the care, that is. But I’m just lazy.

Have fun,



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