It’s summer time !


Guess what, it’s Aimii again.

Today, I’m gonna give you a review on a Triangl bikini. For those, who don’t know, Triangl is a brand Australian-based producing swimwear as well as underwear. The uniqueness lies in the material they’re made of – neoprene. Recently, two of us decided to try out these bikinis.

Blue’s gonna do a review on her bikini, so I’ll just focus on mine. I bought the MILLY – Santa Rosa Splash bikini 




This one was 89$ + 20$ shipping costs. The order was shipped after 1 day and arrived only 3 days after that which is surprisingly fast. Their homepage stated up to 10 days of shipping so we didn’t expect it to be delivered that quickly. The Milly comes with a box unlike the other bikinis ( they come with a neoprene bag ) , simply , because they’re afraid that the cups will get broken. I bought a XS top and a S bottom and it fits perfectly. If you’re unsure about the size, make sure to use the live chat for questions. If you still have doubts order one size up.



I really like the color and the material. Neoprene is very soft and fits very firm, but you’ll get sweaty underneath after a while. You also have to take good care of the bikini as it wrinkles very quickly.

I highly recommend them. Please check them out!

Love, Aimii


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