The thing about …


Hey everyone,

after all these fashion posts / reviews, I’m posting some random stuff. I thought about opening a new series, naming it ” The thing about”.
There are actually many things that we mostly don’t notice in everyday life. No matter it being habits, accessories, siblings, food or simply everything one handles or comes across on a regular basis.

That’s why I’ll start with a topic, also concerning myself.

The thing about glasses

Nowadays glasses are not only a visual aid, which allows shortsighted / farsighted people ( such as me ) to see in HD, but rather an accessory. While we all probably recognize John Lennon’s circular glasses as the most timeless and trendiest of all glasses as well as we all know what to imagine when mentioning ” nerd glasses”, there are far more shapes, colors, materials and price ranges for glasses than one would expect. This is what can sometimes overwhelm people having to choose glasses for a practical purpose.

Image Image


I already caught myself being overwhelmed by the variety, sometimes not seeing any difference between 2-5 different pairs of glasses ( Yeah I’m pretty sure they were different ones ). Eventually I decided on a pair that I considered being OK. And thaaat was a mistake
After my glasses finally arrived after 2 long weeks of not seeing anything clearly and bumping into furniture, doors, walls and basically everything in a 10m radius, I was very enthusiastic. I still remembered the glasses as well suiting me. When I left the store I still wore my glasses, but only after 2 minutes I took them off, as I was really uncomfortable about being seen with glasses. I didn’t like how I looked with glasses on. Yeah I know silly right? And that’s how it went on. I only wore them at home or in classes, basically when I really needed to see. As a result my eyes kept getting worse and worse and I had to go through several headaches and migraines.


I’m actually the kind of person who rapidly changes his mind about things I buy. This process can be put down into five steps

  1. Enthusiasm: I’m still very enthusiastic about it and feel very comfortable with or in it.
  2. Scepticism: I’m beginning to see things on or about the product that start to annoy me. But overall it’s still OK.
  3. Hatred / Aversion / Disgust / Depression: I start hating the product, only seeing it’s bad sides. Depending on how much I spend on it I get depressed about this failure of purchase
  4. Ignore it: I don’t use it at all, if I don’t have to.
  5. Lose it / find it: It all ends with losing the product ( I lost my glasses already 3 times because I put them in my pocket or bag and they fell out ) or finding the product and either throw it away/ back where it was or starting to love it .


Yeah but I’m not the only one doing this. I’ve come across a lot of people having glasses but never wearing them. ( no this is not a justification… ok yes it is.)

But why? I mean some spend over 100€-200€ getting a pair, but not wearing them in the end. It’s very important while choosing that you really like them from the beginning on and don’t make it dependent on other people’s opinions or thoughts. I’ve recently bought a new pair ( since I lost my glasses ) but I’m actually really in love with them and wear them the whole time, even though that has to do with me not wanting to lose another pair..  But anyway, I feel really comfortable with them and I think that’s just how it should be.

So that was a really personal post, so maybe I should bring a little non-personal stuff in it.

Glasses are one of the most favourite acessories. As there are many different shapes and colors there’s something for everyone.
Especially in spring and summer ( and partly in fall) sunglasses are a must-have for a stylish look. Let me introduce to you my favourite looks including sunglasses


Image  Image

Image Image


xo Celestes


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