things to try this summer


Hi everyone,

temperatures rise, people start craving for ice cream, the sun comes out – and so do we. As people tend to be outside for way longer than usual, it’s the perfect time to get active and try a couple of new things.

Nothing planned yet? You’re not going to travel anywhere? No problem!
A couple of tips for your perfect summer you’ll never forget.

All good things come in threes? Well, triple them for three times as much fun!


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1. Have a dinner party

Sick of that daily routine eating at home or at some restaurant? Gather your friends together and throw an outdoor dinner party! Don’t give your plans up when you’re not equipped with a fancy garden – local parks or any green places nearby can be turned into the most beautiful and unique dinner locations ever. Ask your friends to bring a couple of easy dishes and drinks, hang a chain of lights on a tree and enjoy the enchanting sight of a sunset.


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2. Throw an ice cream party

You want to go a level higher? Impress your friends with some homemade ice cream (check out my Pinterest board for some inspiration) and throw an ice cream party! Arrange an ice cream bar with all kinds of fruit, cookies, nuts, sprinkles and anything needed to satisfy that ice cream craving. Jazz up your ice cream cones (see here, here and here) to add a pinch of fun to every bite. Not enough? Try this amazing ice cream cone piñata and garland!

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3. Upgrade your bike

We would all like to own the chicest and most unique bike in the world. Add a little of individuality to yours by boosting bike accessories. No need to get a new one! Build your own basket, make your bike bell a little more fancy or dip your friend in a totally new shade of color!

4. Discover your neighborhood

Since you now possess the coolest bike in town, why not cruising around your neighborhood? There are always little corners you’ve never seen before or ever appreciated enough – time to do so!

5. Start your photography adventure

Equip yourself with your favorite camera and give your attention to the beauty of this world. No matter whether you use your phone, your Polaroid or your pro-SLR – you can get out the best of your photos with enough joy. You want to try something new and at the same time something retro? How about a DIY pinhole camera?


6. Try an open-air or drive-in cinema

Take advantage of the nice weather and summery atmosphere by watching a movie outdoors. No drive-in or open-air cinema around? Start your own one!

7. Put out your brights

Summer is a happy season – so you should show your happiness. Wear bright and cheerful colors and start smiling; you’ve been waiting to do this all winter long!

8. Do outdoor yoga

After all that fun time we’ve had it’s time to calm down and find your balance. Yoga is a great way to turn off all your stress and just relax. Try out some new Asanas while you’re smelling the fresh scent of flowers and nature outdoors – it’s also a great way to spend time with your friends!

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9. Get some life into your house

At some point it’s obvious to come home; but who wants all good spirit to disappear again by a gray and boring house? Now it’s time to spice up your home and office as well to maintain all that fun and bliss! Pick up some fresh flowers and nice greenery, add a couple pops of colors here and there and you’ll be left with a space you’ll never want to leave again! Have you ever thought of painting your front door or even your stairs in a vibrant color?


There you have it – some inspiration for your perfect summer at your place.

Hope you enjoyed it!


N. | lifeiscreative


Need some more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest!


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