Obsessed with…ALEXA CHUNG


Hi everyone,

I have a current obsession with Alexa Chung.

Born in 1983, It Girl Alexa Chung made her way to a British beauty and fashion icon.

She started as a model (understandable, no doubt), turned to the TV business and worked as an editor for the British VOGUE. Today she is living in New York and has a house in London as well.

Side note: Her father is of three quarters Chinese descent.

Did you know that Mulberry’s ALEXA bag was named after her?


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Alexa Chung is the reigning queen on effortless fashion. Simple, always up to date – she remains true to herself, though. I adore her style!


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She is, undoubtedly, a natural beauty. Her signature style, the cat eye, started a world-wide obsession. Everyone loves her natural and simple look. It’s perfection.

In 2013 she released her first book “It” – a fashion guide, an insight into Alexa’s life, an inspiration. I haven’t read it yet, but it will be on my wish list this year!



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