Welcome to heaven.


Xin chào (Hello) guys !

Aimii arrived in VN yesterday with her VIETNAM SPECIAL – Part 1 !


The flight and the traveling part were terrible, but that aside, it’s very nice here in VN. It’s humid and incredibly hot here, still it’s nice to see your home country once in a while.

Currently, I’m in Saigon (aka Ho-Chi-Minh-City or HCMC) for 1 week and I’m aiming at discovering the city and its nice shopping spots. Today, I went to a big shopping mall which opened recently.

AEON, a japanese retail corporate group, is based in Japan and now spreads throughout Asia. Besides a huge supermarket, the mall offers vietnamese, japanese food as well as some western food. AEON sells typically vietnamese clothing, popular western brands ( such as ESPRIT or BIRKENSTOCK ) and popular japanese and korean brands – including cosmetic branches, shoe shops and jewelry shops.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t take many pictures ( that aside, I was only able to take pictures with my Iphone ), but I was very impressed by ‘bread talk’, a small bakery chain in VN ( I guess?? xD) .




These cakes very just tooooooo cute and delicious hihi.. <3 I’m into kawaii things :3 !

Here, you can see the things my family bought haha (Yes, these are 2 different carts !! xD ) :



Well, I hiiiiiiiiiiighly recommend this mall, it’s huge ! We didn’t even get to look around everything, because my mother was tired haha.

BUT: I’ll surely go there another time !

Stay tuned, aaaaaand lots of love

Aimii <3




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