Secret preferences: animation movies


Yes, guys, yes. It’s from RIO! By the way hey!

So yeah, that’s my secret preference. I’m soooo~ totally into some good animation movies that include loads of dancing around and singing and that totally make you want to join the party. Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t exactly mean that I’m also fond of musicals. Which I’m not. High School Musical wasn’t really of my taste.

Anyway, I’m not sure whether to write about the movie or animation movies ’cause both are absolutely awesome to me. And yeah, I sound like a little kid, given that I’m already 18 years old that’s quite odd. But it’s never too late for animation movies! And to be a child again.

Let’s just highlight animation movies using the example of RIO. Don’t worry, it’s not the best one though, just a current favorite. So what’s so amazing about RIO ? Besides the fact that kids from everywhere love it + me?

First of all, the plot to everyone who does not know the film RIO yet: Blue, the last male blue mascaw in the world, is taken to Rio de Janeiro where he is supposed to mate with the last female blue mascaw in the world, Jewel. However, the plan turns out to be much more difficult to implement than thought: Jewel has nothing on her mind but escaping while she also holds a grudge against humans, contrary to Blue who basically grew up with one.  To make things worse, there are some pretty bad bird smugglers.

1. The characters

RIO’s not just about some birds that fly around (spoiler!) and sing. No, these birds have real personalities that make them adorable in the first place. (No, it’s not the shiny feathers and the big eyes and just the appearance in general … okay, a bit.)

Seriously, isn’t he just lovely? The storyline may be overused and you could actually foresee everything but let’s just imagine, you’re still a kid: innocent, free-spirited, full of ideas and imagination. Immerse yourself into that world and embrace it!

2. The animation

Thumps up to the animators, the illustrator and the choreographer. I don’t need to explain that, just watch the clip.

I know, it’s colourful and all sparkling like there’s no “black” to it, just “white”. But what do you expect from an animation film for kids anyway? From time to time, these are actually great and I’m not exactly a fan of depression. In fact, the movie’s even touching the subject of illegal smuggling, so that’s a good thing.

3. What you’ve waited for: the singing and dancing

Yes, it’s the same song as in the beginning and I absolutely love it. It just perfectly fits into the current season: summer!

So that’s pretty much why I love animation movies. I’m not always watching them, just from time to time they’re quite nice. Furthermore, there are also loads of animation films out there that just literally suck. So it’s not all sparkle sparkle.

Tell me your thought on animation movies! Do you like them or not, and why? I’d love to know your opinion and some fellows!


Let’s listen to the movie’s message and have fun! Dance! Sing! Party!

Have fun,




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