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Howdy there!

How’s everyone? Before I’ll introduce you to my top 10 fitness youtubers, I’d like to apologize as the post on my birthday is going to be retarded. You know, Aimii’s in Vietnam by now and it ain’t feelin’ right without the full set of the cliffhangersblog team. We’ve been celebrating our birthdays together like forever and I’m definitely not going to be the first person to break with tradition.

So how did I select the top 10 fitness youtubers? On the basis of certain criteria such as:

quality of videos –  is it HD? did i enjoy watching it? did my eyes start to hurt? are there many videos and is the channel consistent in publishing ones?

performance – is it educational? is the person pointing to the right things to do as well as possible faults? can i see how he/she’s performing the exercise?

entertainment – do i really enjoy it? does the trainer have a great personality?

encouragement – is he/she encouraging me to push myself? or do i feel like giving up and taking a nap?

popularity – how many followers does the channel have?

What’s also important is the fact that I left the “Guidance” out. Fitness youtubers are not personal trainer that offer a strict and individual workout schedule for you. In fact, it’s a general workout routine and some practices you may follow.  So let’s get staaaarted~

10. Rebekah Borucki

With just 122k followers, Rebekah Borucki definitely belongs to the kind of fitness youtubers that have a great potential. She does not only cover various workouts but also instructions for certain exercises, yoga workouts, mediation, recipes and tips to an healthy lifestyle as well as answers to confusing myths. Borucki is super friendly and always tries to motivate you. Currently, she’s focusing on short but crispy “How to” and “Top x”-videos.

9. Diethealth

So even though the videos don’t exactly have the shiniest outlooks on the whole platform, they’re actually quite good. Diethealth is connected to the popular website and basically just supports its content with videos. On the other hand, the channel deals with a diversity of issues ranging from some simple workout routines to whole diet plans.

8. Sarah Fit

The blonde full-time health and fitness blogger living in Boston, Massachusetts, dedicates her blog and youtube channel to everyone who would like to change and to start a a new healthy lifestyle. She seems quite friendly and invites you to join her in her workouts.


LIVESTRONG.COM is the perfect channel for those who are new to fitness. They’ve got great videos showing you how to do crunches, sit ups and more without hurting your neck or you back. Furthermore, these stronger workouts are really … well .. challenging but definitely effective. The quality of the video and the given motivation depend on the trainer but all in all, they’re quite alrighty, I’d say.

6. Tone It Up

Tone It Up is all about Karena and Katrina showing you how to get fit, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to start loving yourself by starting to love your body. Guys, these are professionals. They’ve got Coach and Trainer licenses and I won’t put them down here because these are way too much. Anyway, they even offer Nutrion Plans, workout DVD’s and loads of other things. Of course, you don’t have to buy them as there are youtube videos for free on their channel. Their videos are quite good and if you can bear with their permanent shining grins, I’d definitely recommend them to you.

5. ScottHermannFitness

As time passed, Scott Hermann built quite the followership on his youtube channel with around 577 subscribers in the world. He’s currently focusing on giving free fitness advice but used to be a model and an actor for BNS, “the world leader in cutting edge physique and performance products”. His videos are superb, they’re educational but also motivational. And sure, his body does inspire one to work out.

4. TheDailyHiit

To be honest, I just discovered this channel myself but the quality of the videos is quite good. The trainers seem to be nice  and with 795 subscribers, it has to be awesome. Edit: It IS awesome.

3. XHIT Daily

XHIT Daily is one of my first  youtube channels for fitness to explore. As the predecessor, they’re also focusing on high-intensity-(interval)-training which scientically turns out to be more effective than cardio as the “burning” lasts longer.  Basically, there are three trainers:  Rebecca-Louise, Cynthia Dallas and Kelsey Lee + arbitrary appearances of guest host Andrea Orbeck. They’re all super cool girls though I must say that Rebecca-Louise is my absolute favorite.

2. BeFiT

BeFit covers so many aspects: HIIT, cardio, serious burn workouts, throwback workouts, yoga sessions, Pliates, dance workouts, bootcamp sessions and so much more. The trainers are inspiring and the community and the support is just so big.

1. blogilates

Cassey Ho was bound to be the number 1 in my list. She does not only have 1.550k subscribers but also has this certain spirit: always smiling, cheering up, motivating and sparkle-sparkle. She’s super girly but gosh, her workouts are hell. Like seriously, don’t take them easy.

So that was my list. I tried my best to cover all aspects but it’s clearly difficult as most of them are either focusing on a male/female audience and I just realised that I uncouncsiously highlighted female fitness youtubers. Well, I’m a woman myself, so that was bound to happen. Further honorable mentions:, Turbulence Training, GymRa and strengthcamp.

Tell me your thoughts on the list, how you feel about the fitness youtubers and the idea of a digitalized fitness trainer in general! I’d love to know.

Have fun,



2 thoughts on “Top 10 Fitness youtubers

  1. Running on a flat surface burns calories and gives your heart and lungs
    a great cardiovascular workout. Naturally, you should read the service agreement for yourself to decide.
    To achieve your goals, I strongly suggest you break out of that mindset.


    1. Sure, cardiovascular workouts burn a lot but there’s no after-workout burn effect. As soon as you stop running, you’ll stop burning tremendous amounts of calories. Not so with High-Intensity-Interval-Training or strength training. I’m not suggesting to solely focus on strength training at home. In fact, I’m myself doing both: strength and cardiovascular training. That’s just my Top 10 Fitness Youtubers list. ;) Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


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