Apology No.2


Hey guys,

it’s been a few days and so far, we’re lacking consistent blogpost. However, do not fear: we’re just on vacation, busy taking super many cool shots and embracing new cultures, different people and another countries. As loyal follower of us – or rather: of our instagram account – know, I am for example in Switzerland while Celestes and N.|lifeiscreative are in France and Aimii’s in Vietnam. So rest assured: all the waiting will be worth at the end. There will be absolutely stunning pictures, fascinating and hilarious tales as well as some interesting selfies – a first time at our blog!

Have fun,


P.S.: Celestes and N.|lifeiscreative are probably not posting any instagram photos due to the mere fact that there’s no internet near them. Furthermore, I just wrote that down with my mobile phpne, so if there are any mistakes, so be it.


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