La Bretagne est une fille…



… une belle fille.

Hey guys !

Like already mentioned my and N.| lifeiscreative are back again. While I enjoyed a bowl of pho as well as a long sleep in my cuddly and comfy bed this night, N. is  travelling to Vietnam right now.
Well, like you already know, we participated in a workcamp in Erdeven, located in Brittany ( or in Breton: Breizh) and the landscape is absolutely astonishing and unbelievable [ incroyable, or how we Germans say it: UNGLAUBLICH !]. We went camping and the beautiful beach and the ocean were only around 100 m away from us. So have some pictures I took from our beautiful trip to la Bretagne.


Walking to the beach with N.


Sunset at the Fest-Noz in Carnac


Les mégalithes





N. , Celestes and L. at the Côte Sauvage.








These were actually just some photos, so look forward to another post of my or N., dealing with our trip to Brittany.


Au revoir or in breton Kenavo!

xo Celestes

P.S.: If you wonder why I wrote my instead of me: My name is My, which is pronounced exactly like “me” in English. Thought it would be funny, was it?




4 thoughts on “La Bretagne est une fille…

  1. I guess your stupid boyfriend told you to do that right?

    Such a dumb boyfriend how could someone like him get a girlfriend?


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