Traveling with PTPI to: Interlaken, Switzerland


Hey there,

I’m back! As I’ve announced it before, I’ve been to Interlaken, Switzerland, from the 15th to the 20th of July. Seems quite short but – as you know – brevity is the soul of wit.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-21 um 10.38.17


So let’s talk a little about PTPI first: People To People International is an international non-profit organization “founded in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower” that “promotes international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities”. These activities are not defined; you could be offering food to homeless people, providing free private lessons for kids in nearby schools or even in other countries about your culture or simply helping out in your community. My personal favorite aspect of PTPI is the opportunity to travel around the world with/without your Chapter to other countries’/cities’ Chapters. These so-called Chapters are individual subgroups that consist of people like us: open, free-spirited and fond of traveling. You can stay in their homes, learn through them their cultures, get private, unique and individual tour guides through the country/city and meet many different people. (And also save expenses for accommodation facilities.)

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-21 um 10.46.04

So I travelled with my Student Chapter to Interlaken in Switzerland, a true epitome of holiday regions in Switzerland: amazing landscapes, astonishing views, nature, nice people, tourists in abundance and ABSOLUTELY EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.

The little town is due to its function as the main gateway to the mountains and lakes of that region – surrounded by Lake Thun and Lake Brienz as well as crossed by the Aare River – a well-known tourist destination – like REALLY well-known.  No matter where you’re looking, you’re seeing loads of tourists – especially from asian countries such as South Korea which by the way also explains the prices.

Anyway, we didn’t let the prices or the bunches of tourists keep us from exploring the region and having fun. Let’s move right away to the development of the five days!


DSCF8204 Kopie

Before heading to Basel, let me introduce you to the group. By the way, see the guy on the right with the blue shirt on? Poor him, had to wait ’till we’ve finished.

CSC_0451 Kopie

Meet our spacious home in Interlaken for the next five days!

Our Student Chapter contained of 10 people that were divided in three groups staying with different hosts. I’ve been grouped together with two other girls as well as the chaperon to Daniel, our lovely host father. Over the course of the next days, he spoilt us with super delicious evening meals followed by desserts – EVERYDAY -, recovery sessions in his jacuzzi tub after laborious mountain hikes and in general with his good temper. We’ve arrived in Interlaken at 7 pm. which is why didn’t do much that day.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-21 um 11.51.49

Dinner: corn, meat, bread and salad from his own garden. Dessert afterwards: cake with honey and nut fillings. On the left: my still light brown legs in the hot tub, how i miss them!


CSC_0461 Kopie

On our way. By the way, do you see the little building on the left in the mountains? That’s where we headed to. The Harder Kulm – 1’322m in 1 1/2h over 5km.

DSC_0480 Kopie

Not as easy-peasy as it looks like. Definitely not over 1 hour.


Taking a break in order to pose badly for photos. By the way, even though we knew we were seeing the mountains, they still looked surreal to us – even without the lenses of our cameras in front of our eyes. Left side: moi.

Another selfie!

Another selfie!

DSC_0493 Kopie

Finally arriving at the platform.

DSC_0507 KopieDSC_0505DSC_0504 KopieDSC_0502


DSC_0510 Kopie

Waiting for the others to arrive. Like 30′.


A campfire afterwards.


Recovery session in the hot tub!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-21 um 11.48.38

Evening meal No.2: Spaghetti with self-made salad + dessert/foodporn: raspberries in ice cream.

DSCF8255 Kopie

Before cleansing my face. Lucky you!


DSCF8256 Kopie

Breakfast outside.

On the 17th of July, we took the train to Luzern, a social and cultural center of Central Switzerland. It’s quite a popular tourist destination that’s surrounded by water – Lake Lucerne – and mountains – Mount Pilatus and Rigi – and is divided by Lake Lucerne in the Old Town and the periphery/Vorstadt.


Again, on our way. This time: to the train station. Meet my housemates!

What's a holiday without at least one selfie?

What’s a holiday without at least one selfie?


Our almost private train to Luzern.

DSC_0527 KopieDSC_0533 Kopie

DSC_0545 Kopie

I love alleys! Simply charming.

DSC_0542 Kopie


DSC_0549 Kopie


DSC_0547 Kopie

We’ve also found this cute little second-hand shop: Ali Baba!

DSC_0609 Kopie

Meet Chäs-Chüechli/Cheese-pie/Ramequin/Tartini al formaggio .

DSC_0614 Kopie

The equivalent to the chocolatier: ChäsBarmettle: CHEESE AND MORE FOR YOU.

DSC_0537 Kopie

Bubble gums in a clothes store!

CSC_0580 Kopie

Bubbles gums in front of a clothes store!

DSC_0664 Kopie

The Kapell-Bridge from the inside.

DSC_0619 Kopie

What to do when there’s still time left and you’ve got nothing to do in Lucerne? Paddleboat!

We’ve also seen some pretty funny football fans from St. Johnstone but due to copyright-y reasons, I’m not allowed to post them. … but you’d have laughed! 


Yay, another walking tour! This time to a waterfall.

Yay, another walking tour! This time to a waterfall.

DSC_0738 Kopie


Fun fact: the water is too clean for fishes. There aren’t any.

DSC_0707 Kopie

DSC_0746 Kopie

It’s a lot bigger actually but I was too busy being astonished.

DSC_0753 Kopie

Being lazy afterwards.

DSC_0828 Kopie

Fun fact: Be aware of horses.


At Daniel’s place: pizza and ice cream time!


Another hiking tour with Daniel!

Another hiking tour with Daniel! Like seriously, my legs were all sore.

DSC_0846 Kopie

Still far quicker than the others. Huehuehue. (Sorry for the ugly laugh.)

DSC_0929 Kopie

Me literally enjoying the view.

Me literally enjoying the view.

DSC_0872 Kopie

DSC_0962 Kopie

Finally arrived at our destination where I’ve got the chance to 1) feel like god looking upon my creations and 2) spot this beautiful saying: “Bedenk’ in trueben Tagen, wenn’s schwer herniedergraut, dass über den Wolkenlagen allewig der Himmel bläut.”

DSC_0963 Kopie

DSC_0976 Kopie

See the house? That was our starting point. A friend and me didn’t want to walk 1h back, so we decided to take the quick path. (That actually wasn’t a path at all.)

DSC_0972 Kopie


DSC_0977 Kopie

Raclette at Charlotte’s. Thank your for hospitality and care and everything!

Have fun,



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