Out of the blue

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Hiiiii guys !

I can’t believe it, I’ve access to cliffhangersblog !!!

Woah guys, the server wasn’t able to find this site while I was at my grandma’s – it was so frustrating ! Furthermore, my mac got broken and all the pictures were deleted… Next time I’ll make sure to do a backup …

WELLLLLLL NEVERTHELESS. As you know, I’m in Vietnam right now ! I was in Quang Binh/ Dong Hoi for 4 days and 3 nights – it was incredible !


As you can see, our hotel was right in front of the sea. Which one would ya choose: Sea or pool? Believe me; It was the agony of choice.





Of course, nowadays, people don’t wear this kind of traditional clothing everyday, but it was so fun wearing them for the purpose of taking pictures at the sea !



Feel free to ask questions regarding Vietnam, etc. ! What are your thoughts concerning ‘Aó daì’ (this traditional dress in VN) ?

Lots of love and have a nice day,
Aimii <3


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