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I know, I’ve been lazy but I’m on summer vacations! And the first things to do after you’ve got home from a trip is to catch up on some sleep. According to me at least. Anyway, today I’ll introduce you to my current favorite band: Thornapple (쏜애플)!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 18.53.28The korean band is sure of another kind. Normally you’d imagine some kpop like Beast or Nu’est but these boy are different. Not only regarding their appearances (Note: They’re actually super shy in front of the camera in interviews but kinda cute though.) but also their music and performance styles.

Let’s tackle the general things first. The South Korean alternative rock quartet got together in 2009 and signed to Happy Robot Records. After the commercial success of their first album “I Stammered and Forgot How To Sleep” (난 자꾸 말을 더듬고 잠드는 법도 잊었네) in 2010 despite of members taking breaks due to the mandatory military services, they’ve decided to release a second album last year on June 12: “Abnormal Climates” (이상기후).

If you’ve been listening to the band up to the release of the second album, you might have felt their alternative rock vibes. The second album, however, includes some significant alterations. It’s still rock – rather: alternative, indie – but there are also some folk and psychedelic musical elements. Honestly, they’re standing on the edge of their genre and are constantly leaning further away. It’s different, it’s experimental but not something the rate mainstream listener couldn’t bear. I’d definitely recommend checking the band and their second album out at least once to you. You’d be surprised at the diverse combination of sounds, melodies and beats.

I’m someone who loves to explore new music styles (except of german folk, horrible) and who gets easily bored of known musicians, so if you know some awesome (soundcloud) playlists or artists I ought to know, tell me!

Have fun,



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