Shabadu. <3







Aimii in da house agaaain ..


.. with a haul :DDDDD

When I think of what I wanna buy in VN, the first thing that pops up in my head is asian (korean !!!!!) cosmetics !

When vietnamese people come to visit us in Germany, they always make sure to bring lots of european make up to VN; here’s the other way ’round, because in my opinion the korean make up fits asian skin better !

 I bought stuff from different labels to compare them – it was sooooo expensive and my purse is bleeding, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices T_____T







This set comes with a compact powder and a matching BB cream; I love the design of the package ! It has a ‘traditional’ concept and is praised very much, so let’s see, if it’s really as good as lots of people say… :P


Furthermore, I bought this (egg)pore tightening mask as I have some visible pores as well as some eyebrow powder which matches my hair colour :3


As a present I got this little set consisting of ‘power essence’ powder, ‘power eye cream’ and ‘power cream’ hehe. I can’t wait to feel the power overflowing in my face x’D




This shower gel has a nice, but not too strong fragrance. As a gift I got this cleansing tissue .. :>




Originally, I wanted to buy much more from MISSHA, but the place I went to went out of stock, so I just got this cleansing foam from the ‘Super Aqua’ line.



TFS has lots of cute stuff and is ‘rather cheap’ (but still expensive for VN) in comparison to the other labels. I bought some nose strips (which are very good !), a cute hand cream and 2 cleansing foams. ^^

Yes, it’s a lot, but c’mon ! I only come here once in 2-3 years so screw it :P Do any of you have experiences with korean cosmetics? Which brand do you like best?

Love love love <3



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