Project: no poo!


Hey guys!

Do you know these days when -gosh!- it’s time to shower and wash your hair but you’re not feeling like it at all? Or am I the only lazy person here? Surely, some of you can sympathize with me. Yeah, I know, it sounds gross at first glance but if you put some thoughts into the concept of solely insisting of water washing your hair, is it really that bad?

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Let me introduce you to my latest project: no (sham-)poo! Well, actually it’s a quite prevalent one, just look the terms ‘no poo’ or ‘what happens if i stop washing my hair’ in the internet up, there are loads of people who’ve tried it before – successfully! But don’t worry, you don’t have to go through each and every of these websites ’cause I already did – ain’t I great?


1. Very bad chemicals

Admit it, your shelf in the bathroom probably looks like this which you may think doesn’t look as bad as it is – or not even at all ’cause everyone’s doing it, so it’s fine, right? Well then, take one of your products and read through the ingredients. Can you pronounce everyone of them? Or worse: do you actually know what they are and what they’re explicitly causing? Most likely not. And let me assure you: the majority of them ain’t so good for your hair.

Oil-based chemicals in the ocean.

2. Mother Nature

Most of these shampoo bottles are probably going to land there – in the oceans – and they’re not always totally empty. There’s always some part still clinging to the package from the inside. These substances along with the plastic bottles endanger the lives of many creatures in the ocean and eventually, also us.

3. I’m just lazy 

I really am. But let’s think of the possibilities ! No more leakage of shampoo or conditioner liquid into your gym or travel bag. No need to spend a lot of time under the shower and to spend a lot of money on hair products.


  • Humanity has been good without any shampoo before, so why shouldn’t we able to be it now? Or are you suggesting that for thousands of hundreds of years, people had to bear with nasty and smelly hair? In fact, the human body is perfectly capable of moisturizing its own hair and scalp, so that it neither gets too oily nor too dry.

  • It saves time and a lot of money as mentioned before.

  • Your hair will return to its natural, original state which is a lot healthier, smoother and prettier.


So I haven’t been washing my hair with shampoo for approximately one week. After two days, it started being all greasy and oily. It felt disgusting and I decided to tie it into a high pony. At this point, I knew that the transitional period would start now. Since your hair got used to overproduce oil as shampoo regularly strips your hair and scalp of their natural oils (which leads you to another “hair care” with shampoo and again, your body’s freaking out and starts producing even more and more sebum, the natural oil which moisturizes your hair – gosh, it’s a vicious circle!), it’ll take some until your body adjusts to produce the exact amount of sebum you’re in need of. The minimum amount of time is two weeks but there are also lots of cases that were talking of months.

I should also mention that I directly went to water washing. I didn’t use baking soda nor vinegar or any other artificial substitutes. I made sure to rigorously srub my scalp and sure, it was not completely in vain. While the roots and the scalp were all greasy, the ends were actually quite well. Furthermore, many people didn’t even notice my greasy hair. I guess the pony tail really helped me out there. Anyway, stay tuned for further progress reports!

Also, I’d love to read about your experiences, your opinions and your thoughts on this controversial subject. Just drop me a comment below!

Have fun, Blue


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