Project: no poo! No.2


Hey guys,

it’s time for an update of project no poo! Two weeks are officially over, so how’s the state of affairs of my hair? How was not using shampoo as I washed my hair like? And most important: how to handle greasy hair during the awful transition period? Note: It’s really awful.

Let me answer these questions in sequence. Unfortunately, my hair’s still in the transition period. (I could cry!) It’s all greasy in the roots and around the upper half of my head while the dandruff production also increased but the ends sure surprised me. They’re totally alright and not greasy at all. There are also no split ends though I must say that they’ve never fallen victim to split ends in abundance. I knew that the oil production solely took place on the scalp but expected the oil to distribute itself over the time. Turns out, it doesn’t. Looking back, there’s also no reason it would or could. Anyway, did they change? Yes, to a certain degree. They’ve become much more thicker. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing yet.


BEFORE: picture from last year. see my colored hair and these waves?

DSC_0418 Kopie

AFTER TWO WEEKS: the hair’s greasy all around the upper half of my head. Hair ends still colored ’cause too lazy.

DSC_0419 Kopie

Increased dandruff production as well as greasiness. Seriously, it feels as disgusting as it looks like. But I’ve gotta endure it!

Now let’s move to the next question: How was not using shampoo as I washed my hair like? To be honest, it was weird. Simply weird. Ever ran your fingers through your greasy and wet hair  under the shower before you shampooed it? Know this sensation? That’s how it feels like. Nonstop. Even after washing it rigorously with water. However, under water it’s alright.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-13 um 20.11.28

Here’s the most prominent issue: how to deal with the awfulness of the transition period? Something I’m making full use of are pony tails. They’re extremely handy and if you’re doing it right, people won’t even notice your greasy hair. Furthermore, you can style them differently: high, down, with braids or without etc. I’ve never braided them myself ’cause I’m too lazy and too stupid for it but it sure looks nice on pictures and I bet that it hides greasiness very well. At least, that’s what I heard.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-13 um 20.26.40

Another accessory you may use are all kind of headgears: hats, caps, beanies, berets and many more! Since the upper half of your head as well as the roots are going to be the manly affected places, people might not even discover the transition period. Plus, it looks pretty awesome.


Since all good things come by threes, here’s my last trick: be confident. What’s that got to do with hair?, you might ask yourself now. Well, as I started this project, my hair became super greasy and I was FULLY aware of it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I was nervous about whether people could tell, what they might think, whether my employers would be upset about it and so on. I eventually told a friend and she reacted all surprised: “Oh wow, really? Your hair looks fine to me!”. That was when it hit me: even though she spent a lot of time with me, she didn’t realize up till now. So what was all the fuss about? Seriously, me baka. (Note: baka = jap. idiot) No one noticed it, unless I told them. I don’t need to care about what others might think or not, I’ve got more important stuff to deal with. Like what I’d like to eat next. Anyhow, if you’re currently considering to start this project as well, then I recommend you not to care about the possible thoughts of strangers. You’re not doing it for them anyway. It’s YOU who wants to have healthy hair, YOU who refuses to damage your own hair consciously and also YOU who repudiates to buy these toxics in bottles. As Mahatma Gandhi said:


Therefore, I’m gonna endure this obnoxious transition period. However, can’t say that there are also negative thoughts of giving up in the case it’s get worse than this. Well, we’ll see. Stay tuned for more updates! Also, I’d love to read your comments !

Have fun,



2 thoughts on “Project: no poo! No.2

    1. Thanks for the comment and for the try. :3 I’ve actually asked some friends of mine and there were cases of people having done the no shampoo method since birth but stopped as it “simply wasn’t working anymore”, so let’s see what the future holds upon us!


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