A night out in Kreuzberg

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Why hello there guys,


long time no see! It’s me Celestes and I’m (finally) writing a new blogpost. I’m sorry for my absence, but I had a lot to do the last two weeks. Actually there are so many things I want to write and tell you about but I guess I’ll start with last night first:

Me and a good friend had planned and decided to go to a book premiere, which was around Moritzplatz, of one of the poetry slammers we have listened to some weeks ago. Turned out, you had to make a reservation and it was already overcrowded, meaning there was no place to sit. We decided to leave the place and look around for a bit, since we only passed by this area more or less, which brought us to our first step:


I totally fell in love with this shop. My friend was speaking highly about and the shop was literally right next to the place the book premiere was held, so we decided to take a look. As it was almost 8pm ( which is the closing time) I could only take a look for some minutes, that’s why I unfortunately don’t have any photos. It’s like some kind of IKEA just for artists and creative people and there are like so many cool things. It’s basically a paradise for all art / craft people out there. Books, pens, canvas, stamps.. a DIY shop so to say.
I’ll definitely go there again during the next few days, take a closer look, make some photos, if possible, and naturally give you a proper report. I can only say I was really impressed.

My friend got pretty hungry ( she’s a vegetarian) so we searched for some kind of restaurant / snack / diner  / food thing. Since we were in Kreuzberg, one of the most trendiest districts of Berlin, we were expecting some kind of typical urban,”kreuzbergian” flair, which means some kind of run-down, somehow rusty and dirty looking coziness. But we were to be proved wrong.


This restaurant / healthy KFC / diner thing was just as modern as a freaking diner in Kreuzberg could be. The whole diner was sooooo comfy and light! It was the perfect place to hang out at and enjoy a meal in.
It was perfectly furnished and astonishing modern ( I mean they had these plates, which blink when your food is ready.. just like at Vapiano). The colors were nature-themed and made the room welcoming. ( I’m sorry these are only pics I took with my smart phone, but I was expecting to go to a book premier so I should be forgiven.. )






So my friend ordered a veggie wrap for 3,50€ which I think is a very reasonable price. As far as I remember it was actually some kind of chicken fast-food restaurant ( just like KFC but a bit more fab) Since I myself didn’t get anything to eat I can’t say anything about the food.

After that we decided to make some photos at Warsaw Street ( Warschauer Straße ) and take a walk through the RAW ( Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk ). We talked a lot, laughed a lot, were chatted up by some drunk guy and had a very nice evening.


When I came home my light chain finally arrived ♥♥♥♥ You’ll see what I’m gonna do with it in one of my next posts…

Stay tuned !

xo Celestes


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