Colour your life – Farbgefühle 2014


Yoooooo guys,

last weekend, we went to the ‘Farbgefühle’ Festival in Hoppegarten. It’s similiar to the ‘Holi colour festivals’.





As you can see, it’s very dusty , hahaha. No, well. DJs were playing House & electro music from a stage. We, the crowd, could dance to the music as well as throw the coloured powder. The moment all the colours were thrown into the air was really beautiful, but as soon as they mixed, the colour became a rusty brown, it was kind of a weird colour. All in all we had fun but couldn’t stay there very long, because you either had to spend much money to buy the colours or otherwise one could only stand in the crowd and dance – and dancing for 8 hours is impossible !!!!

We’ll try the Holi festival next year and compare both of them :P

Stay tuned guys !

Aimii <3



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