For those special occasions…


Hi guys !

This time, N.| lifeiscreative and me (Aimii :D ) want to introduce an online shop to you ! As prom slowly approaches for most of us, it’s surprisingly fitting because Avivadress offers beautiful AND affordable prom dresses. So we were very lucky when the lovely staff contacted us ! Besides, they also have pretty wedding dresses as well as bridesmaid dresses. So to all of the soon-to-be married women who don’t have a dress yet: Check out their variety of dresses ! The style varies from simple vintage ones to fancy and chic ones!  But since nobody of us is (probably) going to get married in the nearer future, we don’t really know what to do with these wedding dresses…

Well, I’m going to introduce my perfect image of a prom dress first:

I’m not exactly in a hurry as my prom’s one year later than the one of the other three.
But at the moment I tend to like long prom dresses instead of short or midi ones. Furthermore, I like off shoulder dresses or cut out dresses with one strap. The dress itself can be simple, but I either like outstanding colors like red or elegant colors.

Here are a few examples of dresses from avivadress which I really like:





N.| lifeiscreative: When it comes to me though, I’m more of a minimalist and prefer classic cuts as well as muted and rather neutral colors. I’m so into the Greek goddess look, and therefore love pleated skirts, flowy fabrics and soft shades – so I quickly discovered a couple of really nice dresses I would immediately slip into. I personally prefer one-shoulder cuts a lot because I just find that they are way more flattering on me than off-the-shoulder dresses. By the way – I think that long prom dresses are a total must, as they make the entire look much more elegant and put together; and when do you ever get the chance to wear a beautiful, long and luxurious dress? Here a selection of my favorites for upcoming prom:



aviva1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

My absolute favorite is the 5th neutral colored dress! I would get this one immediately!

What I personally find very interesting and amazing is that AVIVA DRESS offers a “custom made” service – so you’ll know that your dress will fit 100%! Besides, there are quite a lot of sales on their website, which is obviously always good. Every dress comes in a HUGE variety of colors, so you’ll definitely find your perfect bargain! They do ship internationally, so wherever you are, you’ll have the chance to get one of their dresses!

For more info, check out their website: 

What do you think?


Aimii & N.| lifeiscreative

*This is a sponsored blog post.*


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