Mini Haul – Modulor , SWWSW, Werkhaus


mini haul

Hey guys,

blogpost incoming, this time a haul. Sorry to disappoint but it’s not gonna be a fashion
haul. Like I already mentioned in my last post , I wanted to visit Modulor again.
And so I did today. Since I got a little distracted I actually went into
two other stores but I do not regret this decision.

First of all Modulor:

Like already mentioned: I totally love this shop. The books, the paper, the stamps everything was just so trendy and absolutely amazing. I really liked the style of the products and good thing was, there were actually several products with the same motive. It totally conveys the urban flair of Kreuzberg. But just take a look yourself:







The shop actually has 2 floors. On the upper floor you can find everything you might need for diy, strings, wire, paint etc.

So what did I get there?

_MG_5984This totally awesome poster / blotter of (a partial map) Berlin.
I will use it as a blotter because I absolutely LOVE IT.
Actually Ialways work on my (currently non-existing) bed, but with this, I’ll definitely
start to use my desk for work more frequently.
Even though the poster / blotter does not show the whole city ( which would be really hard since it’s a rather large city) I really love the idea of this map with this kind of architectural drawing paper style.

I also got some cute masking tape. (see picture above)

S.W.W.S.W (Schöner wärs wenns schöner wär)

I actually wanted to check out this shop for a while, since I passed by it quite some time.
And this shop’s sooooo cute ! The owner was really sweet and nice and everything <3
And the things were just sooooo purrfect :3

I got two of super cute post cards ! I love the colours and the motive just soooooooo much.


Last one is tea. I’m actually a tea-fanatic so I really like trying out new sorts and brands.
I bought this one because the package screamed “BUY ME” and it was quite okay for 3€.
This one is rather bitter but I still like it since it’s very natural and at the same time you
help preserving nature.

Last one’s Werkhaus

This actually a pretty cool shop. It specializes on some kind of shelves / storage thingies
made out of wooden pieces that you put together. There were cute, tiny ones but also really big CD / telephone / book storage things.They do have some reallynice motives but for me it was kinda pricey (20- 60€). ( I didn’t intend to buy one anyway, I wouldn’t even havebeen able to, since I had just a little bit of money with me) But they do have some cute little things like magnets, caleidoscopes, buttons etc.,
that were affordable for me. So I got this camera caleidoscope:

kamera kaleidoskop

I actually got this for taking a few pictures. I thought it would be a cool effect for lights at night
or some other photos. And I just watched a video that proved me right. I’ll post them then :)

So stay focused

XO Celestes


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