How to look less horrible after a workout session + Blogvorstellung/Blog introduction


Hey guys, today I’ve decided to show you some tips on how to look less horrible after a workout session if you’re like me and rarely have a dry shampoo and other handy utensils down pat. I like keeping things minimalistic up to the point of being just too lazy to carry more stuff with me than necessary. All I need for working out in the gym is a towel, a water bottle, my keys, a deodorant, my phone and the member card.  A dry shampoo would just unnecessarily take space away, I believe. Anyway, back to the topic! There are some conditions for these tips such as:

  • the last time you’ve washed your hair was just one day ago,
  • you’ve stopped sweating and
  • you’ve tied your hair into a pony tail or into a bun before working out.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-11 um 19.06.09 Caps and beanies are your best friends when you’re trying to hide your greasy scalp. Even though your hair gets kinda fluffy and wavy after having worked out with a bun/pony tail, the scalp won’t be as manageable as your lower hair. So keep that in mind and have fun while embracing the cool air as your head stays comfy and warm. Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-11 um 19.07.11 Hoods are mysterious. Just kidding, they’re just versatile. You may keep yourself cute, wild, easy-going, laid-back or even – yeah! – mysterious. At any rate, they’ll cover the parts of your hair you weren’t able to style the way you wanted them to and it’ll look fabulous though.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-11 um 19.36.04 Do not care. Be self-confident. Flip your hair over your head, ruffle them and flip them back again; keep it messy. You may not look as sexy as the girl in the lower right corner but there are definitely times when you’re almost there. Anyway, you’ve just worked your guts out, achieved your goal and are just exhausted and tired. Truth be told, there’s no energy left to care about the others and their possible thoughts. You can look however you look like. I don’t care if you keep them messy (as me), throw them backwards or leave them in a messy bun. As long as you feel fine doing it, I’m with you. Congratulations on having given your all today!



Here it is: finally! The blog introduction. It seems to be a common custom amongst German bloggers and as we are originally ones as well, why not give it a try? By following the rules you’ll be able to participate in the blog introduction which is basically me either featuring your website on the cliffhangersblog or linking it to ours. Given that I’ll like it ofc. Here are the rules:

  • Post a comment down below with your name, your blog title, your link to the blog and some information about your blog
  • Follow me on Instagram, Email on the bottom, Bloglovin or Twitter
  • Mention the project somewhere on your blog

Well then, good luck ! Or rather: not! If you’re confident in your blog and it proves to be super awesome, I’m going to feature it anyway.


Tadah – die Blogvorstellung! Oh wow, das ist das erste Mal, dass ich auf dem Blog auf Deutsch schreibe. Feels weird – ach nein, ich meine: fühlt sich komisch an. Auf jeden Fall ermöglicht ihr euch durch die Teilnahme eine Verlinkung bzw. Erwähnung eures Blogges auf unserer Seite. Natürlich unter der Voraussetzung, dass alle Regeln befolgt wurden und mir der Blog gefällt. Hier sind die Regeln:

  • Hinterlasst mir unten einen Kommentar mit eurem Namen, dem Blogtitel, dem Bloglink und ein bissl Information über den Blog
  • Folgt uns auf Instagram, durch die Email unten, Bloglovin oder Twitter
  • Erwähnt die Aktion iwo auf euren Blog

Na dann, viel Erfolg !


Have fun, Blue


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