How not to dread learning and doing homework


Hey guys!

For all of you who have wondered about our absence (and the absence of cliffhangersblog comments on other blogs), fear not: we’ve neither abandoned the blog nor do we have any intentions of stopping to blog. It’s just that we’re super busy right now. We’re all still going to high school and the exams and test papers keep coming and coming, leaving us to wonder if it is ever going to end – and if yes, what is going to be the result anyway? So as you can see, we’re pretty much stressed. However, we will not leave you disappointed and sad ’cause here’s another handy guideline from me: how not to dread learning and doing homework as much as I currently do – and trust me, I really hate it.

1. Procrastinate productively. Procrastination is something you cannot avoid. But if you feel the urge to do it, then at least – do something productively because in the end, it will be so worth of it, having completed a task that would just hinder you in the end. Having to wash the dishes at 2 o’clock in the morning after an exhausting study session is something you really don’t want to face.

2. Try to do your homework as soon as possible. One work sheet is manageable. Two to three as well. However, three presentations, 2 tests, 3 work sheets and one possible exam are not anymore. You don’t actually want to do them all day – consecutively without a break because you won’t be able to afford one in the end.

3. Wear clothes you’re comfortable in. No one wants to stay in clothes that are unbelievably cumbrous. School’s over anyway and it’s not like anyone’s going to see you in your pajama. Furthermore, you’re going to wear the clothes for as long as you do your homework, keep that in mind and change immediately.

4. Keep your desk clean. No distractions. Seriously. The best solution would be to ban your books, your hobbies etc and to transfer them to other places of your room.

5. Shut all unnecessary stuff off. That’s actually quite the same as point 4 but simultaneously includes your surroundings, like: family, friends, TV, music, pets, other open tabs on your browser that do not concern your homework and so on.

These tips might appear quite strict and totalitarian at first sight but believe me – you will proceed much quicker. In the end you’ll have nothing left and are free to pursue your hobbies. It’s the moment when you’re finally able to breathe knowing that the work has already been done. Note: Or so I hope ’cause my work flow won’t stop!

Have fun,


P.S.: ecards ftw!


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