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Hi everyone,

since there has been a new supermarket opening lately, I’d like to present you Original Unverpackt – the new generation of grocery store…


As you may know, our world is constantly running out of oil and is getting more and more polluted by all kinds of plastic and packaging materials. This is where Original Unverpackt (OU) wants a change – by opening the first German organic supermarket where you won’t find your rolled oats, spices, noodles or that splash of milk for your morning coffee in the usual packaging.

OU goes without any packaging wherever it’s possible – this saves packaging costs as well as ensures that no packaging material is wasted or senselessly used (seriously, who needs that plastic wrap around each cucumber?).

This is a company that was completely crowd funded – people all over the world support this idea with great enthusiasm…



The concept is easy: Groceries are stored in bulk bins, where a simple push separates you from a handful almonds or your 5 pounds of beans. You decide how much you need and how much you pay.
We surely all know: Without any packaging or container it wouldn’t be possible to get all your groceries home – OU has a solution for that: In case you didn’t bring your own containers, they will easily provide you with different sized boxes, glasses and bottles for a small deposit. How easy is that?




I am, admittedly, a quite big fan of solutions to live an economically-friendly life. OU provided a really nice and undoubtedly simple way to change a small thing that can actually make a huge difference. Thumbs up!


Nice design by the way!

For more info check out their website or Facebook page. Unfortunately, it’s a fully German company, so all information are in German.

(Sorry for the bad pictures but the lightning wasn’t the best)


What do you think?



N.| lifeiscreative


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