All time favs – Accessory


Hey guys!

Long time no see, right? It’s me Celestes. Sorry for my  or rather our absence, but as Blue already mentioned we’re quite busy due to school-related stuff.
But on this lazy sunday I found some time and decided to participate in the bebe young care yourstyle contest. It centers around our personal “Must-have” and since I’m a huge accessory-addict I thought I should submit my favourite pieces. And as I’m already there, why not share it with the wonderful people outside there? I actually wanted to do this like for forever, but somehow yeah… plain laziness :)

So let me show you my collection.

bebe young care style contest

Ok guys, I’m currently seriously addicted to rings. I know, knuckle rings have been a trend forquite a while now, but this hype hasn’t gotten over me until my birthday two weeks ago. After school I went to some shops and found some super cute rings, which I treated myself to. I mean, it was my birthday, so that’s legit, right?

But now for real. I’ve fallen in LOVE with braided / crossing rings. I actually got both of them as knuckle rings and they’re plain awesome. Even though I’d like to have a “real” braid ring :D. Nevertheless, these are definitely my MUST-HAVE accessories this season. So let me show you why:8c152338f4982155bea28c2300a10bbbScreenshot_2014-09-16-15-34-40[2]il_570xN.584943073_my7cimg-thing

These rings are the perfect symbol for elegance & feminity. They look really delicate and fine and are perfect for any special occasions, while they can also convey us this special feeling of elegance in everyday life!

But not only do I love rings. My favourite accessories are necklaces, on the top you can see my absolute favourites. Okay so the first one. I was actually looking for a cute short necklace with a cute little pendant for so long. And I was quite choosey, since I really adored my last one, a little filigrane wire-rose from forever 21, which was like 0,50$. Seriously it was soo perfect. Unfortunately I lost the necklace and I hate myself for that till now. I got this super cute tree-necklace from SIX and even got a student discount. (20% – awesome!) This little treasure is absolutely awesome, when it come to everyday use. It’s very small, but elegant and cute and perfect if you don’t feel complete without having something hanging around your neck, like I do. So this one really is perfect for everyday use, since it’s not so heavy! This is also true for my wonderful dove-pearl necklace. I really like plastic figures and this one’s so adorbs and everything. Can be actually worn to every casual outfit. And concerning the bracelet –
Yeah every girl needs some pearls.

Ok that’s it for today ! :)

Next time I’m gonna show you a little something ! ~ ♥

xoxo Celestes


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