Update: Homework etc


Heyho guys!

Time for an update. Since the whole cliffhangersblog team is stuck on learning for exams and doing homework, well … I’ve come to spend more time on that … obviously, hahar. Anyway, I’ve pretty soon realized that the way I learned wasn’t efficient at all. Even though I had all the stuff inside my head by the time I was done learning, it took me too long and I would forget all of it after the test had taken place anyway which was certainly counterproductive. Just for a test? No problem. However, if you need all the stuff form the tests including the contents that were between them: not cool.

Fortunately, I’ve found a new way. Or rather: I’ve been introduced to a new one, tried it out today and gosh, look at the time: it’s not even 6 pm! Before revealing the update, here’s a short summary why my method sucked till now (no, I don’t mean the points from the previous post): I used to start learning at 12 and then wouldn’t stop untill I was done which was normally around 8 to 10. Looks like I’ve studied for 8 hours which – if you’d take a closer look – I have certainly not. There where times when I didn’t feel like studying anymore and just drew manga or read Game of Thrones, ate something deliberately in slow-motion & read texts over and over again because I didn’t understand it. To put it in a nutshell: it was highly inefficient and my concentration would break down in less than an hour.

As to now: I’m able to learn for 3 hours straight and am gladly doing it. Well then, let me introduce: Jamie Miles! An Oxford student graduating in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Here’s his channel description:

“Jamie Miles is a Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate from Magdalen College, Oxford. This channel is where he shares his anecdotes, aspirations, and application advice.

A crash course selection of adjectives: human, Londoner, ex-Googler, Japan enthusiast, martial artist, writer and wanna-be-artist.

Always happy to chat, just reach out.”

Let me guess: you just caught a glimpse of the videos and then … the length. Wait, by the time I’ve finished watching this video, I might not be able to learn anymore! Yes, certainly, these videos are no joke (unless you’re referring to his fun videos, they’re indeed funny). They’re long but trust me: they’re informative, to the point and concise. You won’t regret it. Well … and even if it wouldn’t work on you, there’s no reason to regret it anyway. You’ve just learned something new of yourself, so thumps up! Staying positive despite all hardships! (’cause if you don’t, you will go crazy and you certainly don’t want to go crazy.)

Have fun,


P.S.: Sorry for the language and the mess, currently under The Community influence. This is also not a sponsored post.


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