When the lights go on –


Hey guys, now really, long time no see !

We are terribly sorry for being inactive the past few weeks! But since we had our class trip to Dublin, which someone will surely write about in the next time, and are totally caught in exam stress, it’s hard to find time to post.

But nevertheless here ( finally ) is the promised surprise, centering around my new light chains. The reason for this huge delay is that my old bed unfortunately broke and I couldn’t really start decorating, since I didn’t know how high the heading section of my bed would be. But 2 weeks ago I got my new (IKEA) bed and yesterday I finally had the time.

During summer break, my boyfriend and I colored my walls white. White walls make rooms brighter and appear wider, so it was perfect. As I was annoyed by my turqoise/red/vanilla walls (yeah it looked awful), we started painting more or less right away. But this will be in one of my next posts, when I have finally finished decorating my room for good.

 So my room is actually quite dark during the day, since there’s only sun shining into it in the morning. Furthermore my ceiling lamp is also dark as hell, so I needed some more lights.

That’s my bedroom wall. Simple & boring. I bought a 22 m long light chain. You may ask yourself why the hell I would need such a long light chain. Simply because I wanted to do some kind of light chain slalom pattern for a photo streak. Okay so let’s begin.


I started with attaching the end of the light chain somewhere in a corner. I planned to do a round around my door, well because it looks awesome. As you can see my wall paper isn’t even. Which is why I took some transparent duct tape after every bulb and attached the chain to the wall. Now it was fixed to the wall and I didn’t have to worry that it might come off. This went on and on until I reached the head section of my bed.

light check

light check

Unfortunately the photo cannot entirely display the real light conditions / light emitted by the light chain.

Since I still had like a lot of metres left, it was a little hard wrapping it around the bars. What I did was coiling the remaining light chain into a kind of ball, which I could move around them. After that everything that was left to do after that was doing the slalom. I didn’t use that much duct tape for that and  attached it quite loosely, so I could still add the photos.

Okay this is what the result looks like:


I’ve adjusted that upper right corner after taking the photo.

SO  now with lights on:



IMG_7036I’ve added some random pictures , since the actual ones are still in the making right now. Changed my bed linen, added some pillows and voilà, this is the final result:






What do you think? Is this a place you’d like to sleep in? Do you even like it? Leave a comment down below.

Good night <3

XO Celestes


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