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Hi everyone,

October is almost over (time flies!), which means that it’s officially time to get out those cozy knits and chic coats!

For me personally, fall is THE season when it comes to showing how much potential your closet has. Whether you wear a drapey cape, a classic wool coat or the all-rounder parka – there are so many ways to keep yourself warm and look fashion-conscious at the same time.

Of course, Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to inspiration. I’ve been browsing through my Feed and put together my ultimate guide for your fashionable cool season.

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Cozy Knits
Knits are staple pieces in your closet. They keep you warm, look and are extremely snug and can be styled in so many different ways. Invest in a good sweater, that may not be a piece you probably won’t be able to wear next season as well – basic is key. However, all that counts is the cut and style of your piece. Whether you opt for more of a oversized and boxy cut and are a chunky knit kinda gal (welcome to the club!) or prefer a figure-hugging small stitch – the number of styles is uncountable. I would always recommend classic colors (gray, black, cream, burgundy, camel), but if you like it colorful, go for it!

layers1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

In case you’re not outside for longer periods of time or predominantly stay in heated rooms, where it could quickly turn into a sauna for you with a thick jumper on, layering is the best solution. Besides it looking high-fashion-ready when done correctly, you’ll be prepared for any temperature change that could possibly happen that day. Choose thin layers in combination with thicker ones and make use of blazers, cardigans and other jackets you might be able to alternate with. This look is probably looking the most stylish when topped with a nice coat or monochrome poncho or cape (wool blankets do the same trick!). Pay attention to not overdo patterns, though. Nevertheless, in the end you’re the honcho of your poncho!

scarfs1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Scarf Party
Scarfs – we all love them. They are probably the most versatile pieces out there and fit into every season, as there are so many different shapes, colors and materials. Especially during the colder months it is unthinkable to leave your house without a pretty piece of fabric around your neck (or around your shoulders in case you opt for the cape-function). Scarfs are the ultimate and powerful accessory for taking your outfit to the next level – believe it or not, a scarf can decide whether your OOTD is a go-go or no-no!
While monochrome ones are unbelievably variable and go with literally everything, patterns can be real fun. Checked or striped, polka dots or artsy patterns – the perfect one is out there. I personally love really big scarfs because wrapping them around various times makes them always look good; and in case it might get cooler than expected, I’d again point to the cape-function or, if you’ve forgotten your hat, the hood-function!
Talking about hats: In case you’re thinking about getting a hat, this is the time! (I purchased one by myself as well this season)

That’s it! I hope you’ll all have a wonderful and chic fall/winter.

For more inspiration you’re welcome to browse through my board.


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