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Hi again after a long time !


Today, I have an online store for you ;D

You have to attend an event where you want to look absolutely stunning but haven’t found anything yet ? Don’t worry, ’cause I’ve got the solution to your problem:

PromTimes offers breathtaking dresses for special occasions in your life like proms or other parties where you wanna be the eyecatcher. It’s important to have a stunning dress without paying a fortune for it, because it’s likely that you won’t get to wear it that often. And seriously: Wearing the exact same dress for every party is quite boring, isn’t it ?

What I want to say is: PromTimes’ got a wide variety of dresses which is already a good point, but moreover; they’re affordable !

They even have a category called ‘Prom Dresses £30’ and honestly: £30 for a dress is a hot deal, made for all girls out there who don’t want to spend much money for a dress.

But moving onto the fun part: There are a lot of dresses which I’d slip into immediately. Cute, sexy, elegant or chic; short or long – everyone will make a find :)

Some of my favorite cocktail dresses:



And here my longer favourites:



Well, as you can see, I really like off-shoulder dresses and one-shoulder cuts. I either like some ‘bling bling’ on it ( you know what I mean ? ;D ) or cut out styles or the Greek goddess style. And gosh, I ♡ the dark blue one T_T

Right! They have a sale going on –  up to 75% ! Make sure to check it out  and get your dress delivered to your destination :)

Have fun with your new dress ♡




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