Winter nail care routine


Hi everyone,

winter has now officially started over here with a little bit of snow.

Winter is always a season people have different opinions on. On the one hand, snow, hot chocolate and a warm and cozy home enjoy many supporters, while many people simply hate the coldest of all seasons – and the dry air caused by radiators. It simply makes your skin an ocean of dry patches, your hands rough as sand paper and your lips dry like desert soil (check out my previous post for appropriate lip balms).

Coming back to hands – for my taste, I tend to paint my nails more often in the colder months, as I love dark, rich and autumnal colors. But of course, no nail polish looks pretty when your hands are a totally dried up mess.

Here are a couple of tips for your winter nail care routine, offered by


1. Shaping
Before anything goes onto your nails, trimming should be the first thing you do. While many people opt for long nails, I’m more of a shortie when it comes to nails. There are so many different shapes out there – almond, oval, square, round, … – choose the one you like (I would always opt for squoval). Always try to trim your nails with a nail file, as it doesn’t cause breakage in your nail structure. When you do so, file in one direction only to prevent splitting.

2. Cuticles
Cuticles are often underestimated – technically seen, this is dead skin, however, they protect your fingers from different kinds of bacteria.
Nevertheless, pushing them back has the purpose of preventing them from growing over your nail (which can actually happen at some point) and just making your nails look better over all. Always make sure that your cuticles are very moist or have been soaked in warm water for a couple of minutes before you start pushing them back. For a quicker solution, use a cuticle softener like this one.

3. Soft hands
Before actually painting your nails, I would always recommend a hand scrub, especially during winter, to remove the dead skin cells on your hands. For that, you can mix your own one with sugar and olive oil, or, in case you’re a more fancy kind of person, coconut oil and ground coffee. For the more lazy ones out there, try this one or this one (body scrubs are great alternatives).

4. Color
Now for the fun part: Color. Before starting off, always use a base coat to prevent your nails from getting yellow and in order to make the nail polish last longer and go on more smoothly. Some also have beneficial properties to them, such as strengthening or providing vitamins for healthier nails. For my recommendations, see here and here.
When it comes to color, you’re the boss. But what I love especially at this time of the year are burgundy and oxblood reds, navy blues, grays and beiges (nudes in general) and metallic shades (see below). In case you’re still searching for your perfect shade, check out Julep’s nail color page.
To finish up, use a top coat to make your manicure last longer, make your result glossy (or matte if you prefer) and let it dry faster. I like this one.

winter nails

NARS Milos, Chanel Frenzy, SCOTCH Naturals Neat, Deborah Lippmann Rolling in the Deep, Essie Bordeaux

5. Moisturize
Applying nail polish can be very drying to your freshly prepped cuticles. To keep things nice and clean, apply a hand cream and use a cuticle oil from time to time. I like this hand cream and am absolutely obsessed with this cuticle oil.

There you have it – a winter nail care routine!

Hope you like it!


N.| lifeiscreative


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