Tone in tone


Hi everyone,

today it’s all about fashion again – but in a different way.

I created a couple of collages with various clothing items.

As you guys might already know, I’m a person who likes to wear simple and kind of minimalist styles.



Shine bright like a diamond

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Hi again after a long time !


Today, I have an online store for you ;D

You have to attend an event where you want to look absolutely stunning but haven’t found anything yet ? Don’t worry, ’cause I’ve got the solution to your problem:

fashionable yes to…f/w inspiration


Hi everyone,

October is almost over (time flies!), which means that it’s officially time to get out those cozy knits and chic coats!

For me personally, fall is THE season when it comes to showing how much potential your closet has. Whether you wear a drapey cape, a classic wool coat or the all-rounder parka – there are so many ways to keep yourself warm and look fashion-conscious at the same time.

Of course, Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to inspiration. I’ve been browsing through my Feed and put together my ultimate guide for your fashionable cool season.

knits1 | 2 | 3 | 4

All time favs – Accessory


Hey guys!

Long time no see, right? It’s me Celestes. Sorry for my  or rather our absence, but as Blue already mentioned we’re quite busy due to school-related stuff.
But on this lazy sunday I found some time and decided to participate in the bebe young care yourstyle contest. It centers around our personal “Must-have” and since I’m a huge accessory-addict I thought I should submit my favourite pieces. And as I’m already there, why not share it with the wonderful people outside there? I actually wanted to do this like for forever, but somehow yeah… plain laziness :)

So let me show you my collection.

bebe young care style contest