Original Unverpackt

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Hi everyone,

since there has been a new supermarket opening lately, I’d like to present you Original Unverpackt – the new generation of grocery store…



A night out in Kreuzberg

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Why hello there guys,


long time no see! It’s me Celestes and I’m (finally) writing a new blogpost. I’m sorry for my absence, but I had a lot to do the last two weeks. Actually there are so many things I want to write and tell you about but I guess I’ll start with last night first:

Me and a good friend had planned and decided to go to a book premiere, which was around Moritzplatz, of one of the poetry slammers we have listened to some weeks ago. Turned out, you had to make a reservation and it was already overcrowded, meaning there was no place to sit. We decided to leave the place and look around for a bit, since we only passed by this area more or less, which brought us to our first step:

My first time: Cat café

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Hey there, it’s me Celestes!

Today I’m writing another post for my rubric ” my first time”. As you can read it centers around my first time visiting a cat café, to be precise “Pee Pee’s Katzencafé” in Berlin Neukölln, which attracted a lot of medial attention in the last time.


I somehow have a strange addiction for cats, I just love them. Don’t you think they’re just cute, fluffy, adorable, flowshy, elegant and majestic as fuck?! They definitely are.

Little furball

Fuck yeah