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I know, I’ve been lazy but I’m on summer vacations! And the first things to do after you’ve got home from a trip is to catch up on some sleep. According to me at least. Anyway, today I’ll introduce you to my current favorite band: Thornapple (쏜애플)!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 18.53.28The korean band is sure of another kind. Normally you’d imagine some kpop like Beast or Nu’est but these boy are different. Not only regarding their appearances (Note: They’re actually super shy in front of the camera in interviews but kinda cute though.) but also their music and performance styles.


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Hi everyone,

finally I would like to apologize as well for not posting anything recently.

Celestes and I are back from France – but I’m on the go again. Means: I probably won’t post during the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, check out my favorite songs on Soundcloud:



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oceans –


Hi everyone,

third intro on CLIFFHANGERSBLOG.

Today I wanted to introduce a band to you I personally like a lot.

COASTS, 5 cool guys from Bristol, UK, first started in 2011.

Making their way through the Indie music business, they’ve brought out two albums already, captivating their listenership with every track.

One of their first songs, also known as their “anthem”, having over 2 million plays on SoundCloud, is Oceans. It is part of both of their albums called “Paradise” (2012) and “Oceans”(2014). Although both albums include only a couple of songs, they are totally worth a listen.


All five guys are really likeable and talented – their gigs are amazing, their head singer has a brilliant voice live as well.

Here a picture of their last gig at Berlin’s MONARCH (sorry for the bad quality):



Hope you like it!



N. | lifeiscreative