My winter – in a nutshell.


Hello guys !

Winter time is Tea time ! – at least for me. Lighting up a candle, cuddling myself into my comfy pajamas and enjoying some series online – that’s basically what I did my whole winter break! Or rather what I did the whole winter up until now…

As a highly comfortable person, I enjoy spending my time in my bed, with my light chains on, browsing the internet, cuddled up and warm, watching movies, animes, browsing tumblr or on instagram- seriously there’s no thing I’d rather do. It’s like I would disappear for a few months and if people wanted to see me, they’d have to come right in front of my bed.



When the lights go on –


Hey guys, now really, long time no see !

We are terribly sorry for being inactive the past few weeks! But since we had our class trip to Dublin, which someone will surely write about in the next time, and are totally caught in exam stress, it’s hard to find time to post.

But nevertheless here ( finally ) is the promised surprise, centering around my new light chains. The reason for this huge delay is that my old bed unfortunately broke and I couldn’t really start decorating, since I didn’t know how high the heading section of my bed would be. But 2 weeks ago I got my new (IKEA) bed and yesterday I finally had the time.

During summer break, my boyfriend and I colored my walls white. White walls make rooms brighter and appear wider, so it was perfect. As I was annoyed by my turqoise/red/vanilla walls (yeah it looked awful), we started painting more or less right away. But this will be in one of my next posts, when I have finally finished decorating my room for good.

All time favs – Accessory


Hey guys!

Long time no see, right? It’s me Celestes. Sorry for my  or rather our absence, but as Blue already mentioned we’re quite busy due to school-related stuff.
But on this lazy sunday I found some time and decided to participate in the bebe young care yourstyle contest. It centers around our personal “Must-have” and since I’m a huge accessory-addict I thought I should submit my favourite pieces. And as I’m already there, why not share it with the wonderful people outside there? I actually wanted to do this like for forever, but somehow yeah… plain laziness :)

So let me show you my collection.

bebe young care style contest

Mini Haul – Modulor , SWWSW, Werkhaus


mini haul

Hey guys,

blogpost incoming, this time a haul. Sorry to disappoint but it’s not gonna be a fashion
haul. Like I already mentioned in my last post , I wanted to visit Modulor again.
And so I did today. Since I got a little distracted I actually went into
two other stores but I do not regret this decision.