My winter – in a nutshell.


Hello guys !

Winter time is Tea time ! – at least for me. Lighting up a candle, cuddling myself into my comfy pajamas and enjoying some series online – that’s basically what I did my whole winter break! Or rather what I did the whole winter up until now…

As a highly comfortable person, I enjoy spending my time in my bed, with my light chains on, browsing the internet, cuddled up and warm, watching movies, animes, browsing tumblr or on instagram- seriously there’s no thing I’d rather do. It’s like I would disappear for a few months and if people wanted to see me, they’d have to come right in front of my bed.



Winter nail care routine


Hi everyone,

winter has now officially started over here with a little bit of snow.

Winter is always a season people have different opinions on. On the one hand, snow, hot chocolate and a warm and cozy home enjoy many supporters, while many people simply hate the coldest of all seasons – and the dry air caused by radiators. It simply makes your skin an ocean of dry patches, your hands rough as sand paper and your lips dry like desert soil (check out my previous post for appropriate lip balms).

Coming back to hands – for my taste, I tend to paint my nails more often in the colder months, as I love dark, rich and autumnal colors. But of course, no nail polish looks pretty when your hands are a totally dried up mess.

Here are a couple of tips for your winter nail care routine, offered by

fashionable yes to…f/w inspiration


Hi everyone,

October is almost over (time flies!), which means that it’s officially time to get out those cozy knits and chic coats!

For me personally, fall is THE season when it comes to showing how much potential your closet has. Whether you wear a drapey cape, a classic wool coat or the all-rounder parka – there are so many ways to keep yourself warm and look fashion-conscious at the same time.

Of course, Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to inspiration. I’ve been browsing through my Feed and put together my ultimate guide for your fashionable cool season.

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